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For This Family, The Bigger The Problem, The Bigger The Opportunity

Monday, Sep 18, 2017

Proving that there is no industry too niche for The CAPROCK Group to be an expert on, the firm's managing director, Matthew Weatherley-White was tapped by Forbes contributor, Devin Thorpe, to share an impact investors' perspective on an inventive alternative to chemical and petroleum-based fertilizers.

"Petroleum-based fertilizers mean, as Michael Pollan is fond of saying, that we are all eating oil," says Weatherley-White.

This comes halfway through an article celebrating/speculating about one family-owned business's work on an ambitious and (so-far) hugely successful food-waste repurposing process. Grocery markets' leftover food items are turned into edible pellets for animal consumption, the liquid residue is sent back to the farmers as a cleaner, high-nutrient fertilizer.

As an impact investor, says Matthew Weatherley-White, I'm intrigued. Clear benefits to healthy soils. Equally clear benefits to landfill management and organic waste therein (including landfill-released GHG reduction). Using organic, composted fertilizer on crops is a fantastic benign-by-design chemical replacement. And the potential for scale is certainly compelling: the combination of food waste reduction and ag chemical substitution could be a massive opportunity.

Read/Listen to the full article here, or jump to page two for the CAPROCK cofounder's cameo.

Content written by Devin Thorpe for Forbes.

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