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Celebrating our Recognition by B Corp as “Best for the World” for Worker Impact

Sunday, Sep 21, 2014

The CAPROCK Group Uses B Corp Principles to Create Impact Beyond Its Own Offices

(BOISE, ID) – The CAPROCK Group, a leading family wealth management firm with offices across the west, has been named to B Corp’s “Best for the World” 2014 list for “Worker Impact.” The list recognizes companies “creating the most impact for a better world,” according to B Lab, a non-profit dedicated to assessing and assisting businesses in measuring, comparing and improving their social and environmental performance. To earn this recognition, the fourth year the company has received it, The CAPROCK Group ranked in the top 10 percent of all Certified B Corporations based on the organization’s Impact Assessment.

“We’ve been working with B Corp for a long time – we are proud to be among the small number of companies who committed to becoming Founding B Corporations in 2007 – and we’re certainly pleased to be part of this elite group of companies dedicated to creating real social and environmental impact,” said Matthew Weatherley-White, a Managing Director at The CAPROCK Group. “While the honor reflects our dedication to our outstanding employees and recognizes how we operate based on B Corp principles, we are particularly proud that we have taken the B Corp tenets one step further to build a system to evaluate investment opportunities for our clients that measures the social and environmental impact of particular investment options.”

Using proprietary tools which incorporate B Corp principles, The CAPROCK Group’s impact investment practice group is helping clients who want to grow their wealth and create positive social and environmental impact. The CAPROCK Group has been actively engaged in impact investing since 2006, and now has a team dedicated to building this rapidly growing part of the business.

“The CAPROCK Group’s impact investment practice is at the forefront of this movement – we are proving that our clients can leverage their investment capital to create social and environmental value without sacrificing investment returns,” said Jennifer Leonard, Vice President of Impact Investing at The CAPROCK Group. “We run our own business in a way that creates impact in our offices, and we help our clients generate profits while making a difference in the world. In both cases, pursuing a deliberate impact investing strategy makes financial sense. ”

A commonly held misconception is impact investing is primarily concerned with the environment, or that socially responsible investing is anti-business. Not so, according to the experts at The CAPROCK Group.

“Many of the great problems we face in the U.S. and elsewhere, including poverty, hunger, access to potable water, pollution, etc., are often blamed on business, industry and growth,” said Jefferson Jewell, a Vice President and client advisor at The CAPROCK Group. “Impact investing is appealing to many investors because it harnesses the power of capitalism to address problems traditionally handled by government agencies and charities. This is a dramatic change in the way people think about investing for future generations and an important part of why I joined The CAPROCK Group.”

About B Corp’s “Best for the World” Rankings:

For more information about the B Corp’s “Best for the World” rankings, including the “Best for Worker” category for which Caprock was honored, please visit http://bestfortheworld.bcorporation.net/. The “Best for the World for Worker” honorees are recognized for creating the most positive worker impact. The companies earned a worker score in the top 10 percent of all Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment.

About The CAPROCK Group:

The CAPROCK Group, Inc. is a multi-family office firm with offices in San Jose and Newport Beach, California, Seattle, Washington, Park City, Utah, and Boise, Idaho. The CAPROCK Group develops customized, comprehensive and strategic financial solutions for ultra-high net worth families who lack the time or expertise to do so on their own. Every decision is based on careful analysis that suffers no outside pressure and that has only one goal: to protect and grow their clients’ wealth. The CAPROCK Group’s team of experts and proprietary technologies deliver transparent, comprehensive and understandable performance reporting to families who demand the highest level of service and results. The firm is one of 33 worldwide on the Family Office Exchange (FOX) list of Leading Wealth Advisors. For more information, visit www.thecaprockgroup.com.


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