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Summer of Impact
Monday, July 24, 2017

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Steering impact investing toward a 2020 tipping point
Thursday, July 6, 2017

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The CAPROCK Group Appoints John L. Hague to serve as a Managing Director and Chief Global Strategist
Wednesday, Sept 14, 2016

The CAPROCK Group Adds Managing Director to Park City Office
Monday, Feb 9, 2015

Celebrating our Recognition by B Corp as “Best for the World” for Worker Impact
Sunday, Sept 21, 2014


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The CAPROCK Group develops customized, comprehensive and strategic financial solutions for high net worth individuals and families who don't have the expertise or the time to do so on their own. It was founded in 2005 by a handful of unsatisfied financial experts whose experiences (and those of the people they hire) include Wall Street, technology pioneers, venture capitalists, corporate and philanthropic leaders, analysts, accountants and asset managers.

When asked, the partners will admit that they “wanted to start a firm that was different from anything in the financial market… the kind of firm they’d want to hire to manage their own money.”

Here, portfolios are built by design not default. Every decision made is based on unbiased analysis that suffers no outside pressure and that has only one goal: to protect and grow the clients’ wealth. The firm’s relentless focus on liquidity, transparency and objectivity translates to rewarding, long-term strategic decisions across the financial spectrum. 

Since 2009, The CAPROCK Group has been a preeminent advocate and practitioner of impact investing. These are portfolios that seek impact across all asset classes, and rates of return which are competitive with conventional investments. Most importantly, impact portfolios are designed to achieve specific goals as established by each client - i.e. investments yielding environmental or social value(s), in addition to their financial return.

Fast Facts

1. The CAPRCOK Group is founded on six observations:

  1. Investors want impartial advice but rarely get it.
  2. Most families would choose to enjoy their wealth rather than administer it.
  3. Accurately assessing opportunity in any asset class demands direct experience.
  4. Crafting a properly diversified portfolio requires more knowledge and time than one person can master.
  5. Assembling a performance report that captures the full scope of such a portfolio can be an overwhelming task.
  6. The intelligent approach to investing and passing wealth between generations is based on simplicity and structure.

2. CAPROCK is one of 40 founding Benefit Corporations (B Corps)

The B Corporation is an organization whose rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency are used to provide its members a certification validating their efforts to become more globally responsible.

3. Offices in San Jose, Seattle, Newport Beach, and Park City. Headquartered in Boise, ID.

4. The CAPROCK Group is a multi-family office.

Acting as your family’s Chief Financial Officer, the family office is responsible for processing what can be an overwhelming volume of information required to make sound financial decisions that benefit the entire family for generations. A family balance sheet can include cash and investments, various business entities, real properties and personal assets and accounts for long-term family goals. The family office helps plan and manage the balance sheet to determine real net worth, measure returns and manage cash.

5. The CAPROCK Group doesn’t sell products.

Every decision is based on unbiased analysis that suffers no outside pressure and that has only one goal: to protect and grow our clients’ wealth.

6. The CAPROCK Group is one of just 33 family offices in the world on the Family Office Exchange's (FOX) Leading Wealth Advisors list.

The FOX Leading Wealth Advisors list identifies firms that have passed a comprehensive screening process to assess their ability to deliver integrated wealth advice to families with more than $20 million in investable assets.

7. The firm prides itself on their innovative technology and reporting.

At CAPROCK, reports are built (like the company was built) to capture the client’s individual needs and then define the technology to meet them.

1. The CAPROCK Group rejects the assumption that impact investments inherently yield lower rates of return to the investor.

"Impact investing is not philanthropy. It is investing. Only those seeking positive financial return need apply."
~ Matthew Weatherley-White (co-founder and managing director at The CAPROCK Group)

Get the facts.

2. There are three broad groups of Impact Investors: Finance First, Impact First, & Catalyst First

“Finance First” investors commit capital with the expectation of financial return and the potential for social or environmental impact. “Impact First” investors commit capital with the expectation that the investment will have an environmental, social, and/or governance impact and the potential for a financial return. And “Catalyst First” investors commit capital with the express intention of embracing pioneer risk; seeking to expand the impact ecosystem, they invest in companies which offer the potential for leveraged impact.

The CAPROCK Group place themselves on the “Finance First” end with a bias towards catalyzing investments.

3. Impact Investing is NOT Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Impact Investing is characterized by investments made into funds, companies, or organizations with the purpose of generating social and environmental impact as well as seeking a financial return. It is often – and incorrectly - likened to socially responsible investing (SRI), where the emphasis is on doing no harm. Impact Investing differs in that it actively seeks to make a positive impact. The CAPROCK Group enables clients to choose and pursue the option(s) to which their specific interests most align.

4. The CAPROCK Group has been a leading contributor to the impact investing movement since 2009

In 2009, Jennifer Leonard was hired to co-lead The CAPROCK Group's impact investing initiative alongside Matthew Weatherley-White. That hierarchy has since shifted and the initiative has expanded beyond CAPROCK’s best-guess projections.

5. Of The CAPROCK Group’s $3 billion under management, $1 billion has been invested for impact.

Serious about impact investing.
Serious about protecting and growing our clients’ wealth.

The CAPROCK Group helps investors answer not only the all-important “Do I have enough?” question, but also the soul-defining question: “Can I do more good with what I have?”

6. The firm was instrumental in the creation of iPAR (Impact Portfolio Allocation Review), which is a standardized framework for impact metrics.

-The number one obstacle for impact is the vast contradictions within the investment community; from term definitions to real-world results the industry’s splintering makes cross-fund and cross-firm evaluation almost impossible. iPAR seeks to provide a common language and universal “impact” calibration platform. It is based on the GIIN’s IRIS catalogue and GIIRS ratings, but can incorporate data from any source.

7. is a hub for The CAPROCK Group’s curated insights on all things impact. i3 stands for Integrated Impact Investing.

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