Our Proprietary Toolbox

Lifetime Discounted Cash Flow Model
The CAPROCK Group’s proprietary model calculates the present value of future liabilities, spending and cash needs, and then sets that value against your asset base. The goal of the Lifetime Discounted Cash Flow Model is to benchmark a family’s net worth today, and ensure that it will meet cash flow needs over time.

The CAPROCK 360 Balance Sheet™
This comprehensive document tracks all assets, including private investments, and liabilities. It includes the Invested Portfolio Allocation which is, in turn, driven by after-tax modeling. It is prepared and delivered on a monthly basis.

Asset Allocation Model
CAPROCK utilizes six asset classes: Fixed Income, Domestic Equity, International Equity, Alternative Investments, Real Assets and Private Investments. Along with cash, these serve as the building blocks for an intelligently diversified portfolio, as well as our proprietary asset class risk and return assumptions. Portfolio return, and how that correlates with the volatility of each asset class, informs the model (which may include all or just a few of these asset classes). Based upon each client’s after-tax return and risk objectives, downside protection and liquidity management drive portfolio construction. The result is that—every portfolio we manage is unique.

Performance Reports
CAPROCK delivers concise, lucid reports on the performance of your portfolio, asset allocation, managers and individual investments.

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