Performance and Reporting

Every client wants to know how their investments are performing, how their portfolio is doing compared to relevant benchmarks, how well their cash flow is being managed and how much they are paying for these services. Yet every client struggles to balance the need for this level of information with the desire to have it presented succinctly. Many family offices and independent advisors offer a similar service, but with one key distinction: few, if any, offer the ability to incorporate private and alternative investments within the context of a composite report.

Specifically, we have constructed a tool which first captures the baseline reporting requirements: an investment list by account and by asset class, our client’s current asset allocation, their net cash flow, the fees they’ve paid (to us, to their custodians and to their managers) and the net performance for each asset class and for every investment in each asset class, regardless of where those investments are held. This report, in turn, relates directly to our client’s capital allocation plans that we update monthly.

Where we extend beyond the baseline reporting requirements is with the more complicated asset classes: private and alternative investments. Few family offices attempt to report on these assets. Why? Because delivering meaningful performance data on such complex asset classes requires significant investments in people and technology. We are committed to reporting on all asset classes because we believe that doing so gives us a definable edge in a competitive environment.

Most importantly, we do all of this in a concise, easy-to-understand format, eliminating the need for our clients to “deep sea dive” into multiple statements in the hope of extracting relevant information. We built our reports (like we built our company) to capture our client’s individual needs and then define the technology to meet them.

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